The Supernatural Transformation Series


In the first instalment of a four-volume series (The Supernatural Transformation Series) author Phil Mason establishes the introductory biblical principles of a radical, ‘Heaven to Earth’ model of the supernatural transformation of the heart. Jesus always addresses the heart because He is seeking nothing less than a profound heart revolution that plunges us into an intimate knowledge of the heart of the Father and a deepening knowledge of the human heart; to equip us to minister alongside Him to the deepest needs of the human heart. This revolutionary book invites us to join Jesus in pioneering the Heart Revolution.


In This second volume of a four volume series (The Supernatural Transformation Series) author Phil Mason unpacks the Biblical Revelation of the new creation miracle through the lens of the gift of a brand new spirit and a brand newheart. This miracle represents the focal point of haven invading earth and it becomes the foundation of our heart journey into authentic Supernatural Transformation as we literally become Partakers of the divine nature of Christ. This book is an invitation into a journey of discovery that is designed to activate our new core identity of sonship in order to liberate us from our old orphan heart. The Father is bring many sons and daughters to glory.


In this Third Volumne, Phil imparts a clear prophetic revelation of the Key Biblical themes surrounding our journey of supernatural transformation. Using the New Testament concept of entanglement in the life and divine nature of Christ, but also our ongoing entanglement in the seven biblically revealed spheres that hold believers in bondage to their old heart. This book is a road map for the road less travelled! The breakthrough revelation contained in this book explores the relationship between the new creation and our ongoing need for deliverance, inner healing and the physical transformation of our neuronal pathways revealed through the revolutionary science of neuroplasticity. Get ready for a revelatory upgrade into heavens blueprint for extreme freedom and impartation of heavens glory.


In this fourth and final instalment in the Supernatural Transformation series, Phil Mason takes us on a journey deep into the hearth of New Testament revelation, exploring the many dimensions of the heart journey from the heart of the orphan to the heart of the mature son and daughter and from our fallen state of brokenness to glory! Our Father is bringing many sons to glory! He is restoring the imagebearers who carry His image and likeness in this world. At the heart of this journey of divine theosis is our deepening encounter with the glory of the Father as we draw near to the consuming fire of His burning love.


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