Phil Mason is brilliant! In this series of books on Supernatural Transformation, he gets to the heart of the matter. Relationships with God and people are all about the heart. If our hearts are wounded and jaded, every area of our hearts are affected. But when we get to the deeper places of Gods heart, we find freedom and healing for our own hearts. This series of books provides an exceptionally clear clarion call to experience change that is real and lasting, not superficial and transitory. I highly recommend them.

Stacey Campbell

Revival Now Ministries, Kelowna BC, Canada

Phil Mason is an Australian Revivalist and an apostolic father. He has pioneered a supernatural healing community in Byron Bay and taken the gospel of power from coast to coast as his teams impact the New Age fairs with signs, wonders and miracles. This series of books will draw you into a deeper revelation of the finished work of the cross and your own supernatural role in the end time harvest.

Fini de Gersigny

Founder; Jubilee International Church, Sydney, Australia

Phil Mason’s four volume series, ‘The Supernatural Transformation Series’, boldly endeavours to deepen the work of revival and renewal in the Church. This series will take us back to the foundational issue of the supernatural miracle of regeneration and deepen our understanding and experience of justification and sanctification as they relate to the miracle of regeneration. God has given us a brand new heart and this is a supernatural act of heaven invading earth.

John Smith

Global Awakening , Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

I can read Phil Mason’s material and come alive from his revelation. Phil has lived everything that he has written. Nothing Phil gives is second hand information, but the overflow of living from the heart of God. Read Phil’s work and you too will understand that you are reading a man’s heart that has encountered the very heart of God first hand.


Global Awakening , Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Phil’s books are a gift to all spiritually hungry people who believe that the key to fruitfulness is the soil of the heart. After sharing a message of the heart to 78 nations I finally have a blueprint that can multiply and train an army of lovers leading from their heart. Read it and let it read you! It will give you an upgrade to a love style that will transform your world! This is the gift you have been longing for. Receive it!

Leif Hetland

President- Global Mission Awareness, Atlanta, GA

What a journey it is to find Jesus Christ as our all in all. ‘The Heart Journey’ will happily bring you face to face with the reality of the Healer, the Hope-Giver, the Happy God who brings us into completion and wholeness. Phil Mason has opened to us a treasure chest of understanding and revelation. I’m thankful to be his friend and to know his heart is all-out for God. You won’t be disappointed as you read these life-lessons from a heart filled with passion. Read it, believe it and pass it on!

Brian Simmons

The Passion Translation Project, West Haven, Connecticut

Heart Revolution

Phil’s ministry is exclusively focused upon equipping the church to transition into living in the glory realm of heaven; through heart transformation.

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Quantum Glory

This revolutionary book explores how the sub atomic world is a revelation of exceptionally intricate divine design that unveils the mind of the Creator.


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Order and equip yourself with resources designed to inspire a revolution in your heart and, in so doing, the community around you.



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