Phil Mason

Phil is an innovative thinker who releases highly impacting teaching material on the supernatural transformation of the heart. Phil carries the Father’s heart for Australia and he has a deep desire to lead the church into a Heart Revolution that will transform the nation one heart at a time.

Phil is the author of ‘Quantum Glory: The Science of Heaven Invading Earth.’ He has also published the first three volumes of the Supernatural Transformation series; ‘The Knowledge of the Heart,’ ‘The New Creation Miracle’ and ‘The Heart Journey.’

Together, Phil and his wife Maria pioneered the Tribe in 1998 in Byron Bay, Australia. They have deliberately shaped Tribe with the aim of building more than a local church, it has become an authentic community of believers who are deeply invested in each other and are committed to changing the world. Phil and Maria are also the directors of Naioth College. Naioth is a transformative supernatural Kingdom Ministry Training school that offers accredited courses.

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Heart Revolution

Phil’s ministry is exclusively focused upon equipping the church to transition into living in the glory realm of heaven; through heart transformation.

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